With the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, nature has presented mankind with a problem of unprecedented scale that knows no borders. Now is the time to respond with our own global solution: information.

Information is the most potent weapon we have to combat this pandemic. Our collective knowledge can inform policy decisions around the globe and offer critical insight into the biology of the coronavirus.

Fully leveraging the power of information, however, requires large amounts of data and open access to it. To achieve this, we have formed the Coronavirus Census Collective (CCC), an international hub for integrating data from multiple sources that can be utilized to monitor, predict, and combat global pandemics.

Data sources include:

  • Self-reported health status surveys
  • Diagnostic lab test results
  • Meteorological data
  • Population density
  • Other static and real-time geospatial data

Our collective aims to:

  • Predict hotspots of disease outbreak
  • Identify factors that impact the rate of spreading
  • Inform immediate policy decisions
  • Evaluate pandemic control measures taken by health organizations
  • Provide critical insight on the pathology of COVID-19
  • Help individuals stay informed on this rapidly evolving situation
  • Contribute to global efforts to slow the spread of disease